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Our Services


New Beginnings will provide technical assistance on the use and care of our warmers and compatibility of other brand warmers when possible.

We are there to assistance with problems or questions that may arise with the application of our waxes.

Regular office hours are 9-5 M-F Eastern Time.

New Beginnings provides the modern professional with all of the Epilating and Depilatory products, equipment, and supplies required to perform the most pleasing hair removal service your clients might hope to experience. In the knowledge that the quality of the product is often compromise by incorrect use, New Beginnings offers classes on the use of LaSeta products at the shows where LaSeta products are sold at no charge: please see list of shows we will be attending.

Each class is instructed by a licensed professional with extensive experience using our products. We also provide classes upon request.

Each class deposit will be $100 redeemable in product at the end of the class.

Classes are also held in Orlando on a regular basis.

You may make reservation by contacting New Beginnings @ 1-877-236-9184.

Class sizes are restricted.