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    LaSeta products are superior hair removal products that both moisturize and nourish th skin. Our waxes provide for epilation without irritation or allergic reaction and produce and produce almost no discomfort. The strip waxes are applied between 80-100 degrees fahrenheit and adhere only to the hair and not the skin when normal skin ph is maintained.

    The LaSeta formulation contains no colophony orr petrochemicals, only vegetable oils that are rich in mineral salts and proteins. Beeswax and naturally occurring zinc oxide also provide for a gentle epilating experience.


    Come join us at Premier Orlando Sunday, June 3rd from 9AM-6:30PM and Monday, June 4th from 9AM-5PM. We are both number 2006. Come check out what we have and test our products. We have all types of show deals and discounts. Can't wait to see you there!


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