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New Beginnings LLC

About Us

In striving to support the beauty professional, we always look for the best products on the market; that superior product is LaSeta wax.

LaSeta is an all-natural, low temperature wax that is gentle and effective even on sensitive skin. Sold exclusively to the licensed professional therefore you will never see these products sold on the retail market.

LaSeta wax was developed and produced in Italy and marketed in the US beginning in 2010. LaSeta quality is continually monitored for purity and uniformity by their Research and Development Laboratory. LaSeta holds an exclusive patent on the use of plant-based oils in their epilating products. New Beginnings carries only the highest quality UL approved heaters and accessories for warming and storing all of your LaSeta products.

Our pre and post-waxing products are all natural with no chemical additives. Ingredient lists are available upon request. Email newbeginnings00@att.net for more information.

We offer specially trained and licensed professionals on staff to answer all of your wax and epilating related questions. All classes are taught by licensed professionals with decades of experience working in the beauty industry.