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LaSeta Titanium Hard Wax 1kg



LaSeta Titanium Hard Wax 1kg is a traditional no-strip wax formula. An exclusive blend of beeswax, vegetable oils, vitamins A, B, and E to provide a soft and creamy texture that makes for an easier application process. Contains a mix of vegetable oils and glyceryl rosinate to avoid adverse dermatological reactions. Guaranteed optimum results even on short and coarse hair. Blended with beeswax and titanium dioxide to produce a creamy texture with a smooth application process. LaSeta Titanium Hard Wax is ideal for small, sensitive areas like the upper lip or bikini area. LaSeta Titanium Hard Wax mixes vegetable oils to nourish and moisturize the skin even after depilation. Naturally antibacterial properties, hypo-allergenic, and considered environmentally friendly. Free of artificial dyes and fragrances. Colophony and petroleum free.

Technical Specs

Glyceryl Rosinate, Vegetable oils, Titanium, Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Cera Alba, Cera Microcrystalline, Vitamins A, E, B & Paraffin.